Thus you can avail bulk discounts on all our products. When we say Wholesale, it does not necessarily mean that you have to be a wholesaler yourself.  If you buy in bulk quantities from us, then you are a wholesale client for us.

What do you get on becoming our wholesale customer?

Well to put it in simple words, YOU GET HUGE DISCOUNTS. Yes, as our wholesale client, you would get huge discounts on all our products. Also you would get a regular supply of almost all Indian ethnic sarees and salwar kameez materials, from under one roof.

Do I have to come to your showroom to purchase your products in bulk or could I purchase them online?

You can purchase our products online at www.aalayaaonline.com. Just have to register for our wholesale program by sending an email to AalayaaOnline@gmail.com.

Who are eligible to join us?

Whether you run a small boutique or are a huge wholesale merchant, a housewife who sells sarees from home or an exporter, you can join us.

What should I do to become your wholesale client?

Just send an email to AalayaaOnline@gmail.com with your requirements and we will get back to you within one working day. A basic verification procedure for our wholesale buyers is already in place. It would be in our mutual interest that you provide correct information as asked for. Once the basic terms and conditions are fulfilled, you stand to become a verified and approved Wholesale Buyer.

What is the minimum quantity that I should purchase?

A minimum of 50 products have to be purchased by you for every transaction. It could be Only 50 sarees or Only 50 Shalwars or a combined total of 50 products consisting of sarees and shalwars.

What is the difference in rates at your showroom and on your website?

Rates that we offer at both at our showrooms and on our website are unmatched. They are one of the lowest and may not be found on any other website.

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